Wearable Pieces …and More

These small wearable sculptures are carved from antler, horn, bone, or fossil ivory, and can be designed for necklaces, bolo ties, pins or earrings. If you love native wildlife, have a favorite creature or totem companion, I can design a unique wearable piece. I'm also exploring high quality casting materials that closely mimic the solid feel and rich look of the natural material, but allow me to reproduce editions from existing designs.

I have also been using beautiful old shell, bone, metal and Bakelite buttons, and all kinds of intriguing small found-objects to create an almost unlimited variety of Wearable Art pieces.

White-sided Dolphin and Seal Fossil Ivory Earrings Group of Carvings Salmon Bolo tie Hawk and Falcon Kingfisher Bolo tie Snowshoe Rabbit Goose Grizzly Bear Mountain Goat Red-tailed Hawk Harbor Seal Pup Button Wear Buttons for your neck More from buttons Buttons For Your Ears  Mother of Pearl and Sterling earrings Shells & Wires More Shells and Wires Even More For Your Ears Gold Accents Front and Back Front and Side views Kingfisher Too Neckware Neckware Too...