Soapstone Carvings

Owls of all species have always intrigued me; in this case the Barn Owl.

In the early1980s, while assisting with seabird research in the Channel Islands (CA), I would occasionally find the signature remnant table scraps left by Barn Owls we knew to be on the Islands. Once, when I was Alone on Santa Barbara Is. – as happened occasionally when the ranger and other researchers were on the mainland – I was out in the middle of the night monitoring a couple of Xantus’s Murrelet nests (tiny, 2-night old puffball chicks are coaxed by their parents to tumble – sometimes over 200’- from their cliff-crevice nests and head out to sea!). There was no moon that night, and unusually quiet, so when the wraithlike shriek split the air only inches from my head, I had seen just enough horror movies to freeze solid for the couple of seconds before I processed the info and realized I had just been strafed by a Barn Owl!

As you might guess, that introduction left a lasting impression…

Sold Owl Bowl

Owl Bowl

9w × 18h × 4d
0 lbs

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