Work in Stone

The Soapstone carvings are from material that was harvested by chainsaw from a tank sized boulder in Eastern Washington. The pieces are worked with grinders, chisels, and files, and finished with fine sandpaper and steel/bronze wool. The unique coloring and shape of each rough stone always directs the emergence of the finale characters.

The Stone Puzzles are all free standing, balanced stones that have been carefully selected and stacked to create unique sculptures. The raw material for these pieces are stones that have been cracked, broken, tumbled and smoothed by the natural forces of weathering, water, and time. Those that are inhabited by lichens lend even greater dimensions of character. Click on individual images for more details.

Salmon Bowl Seal & Salmon Bowl Seal & Salmon Bowl - another view Otter with Fish Snake Bowl Owl Bowl Fishing Grebe Stone Puzzles - Its All About Balance I Whirling Dervish Paddler California and Steller/Northern Sea Lions Orca in the Salish Sea Gray Whale Ammonite and Nautilus