Concrete & Bronze Reliefs

The Chambered Nautilus is an ancient living species of mollusk (close relative of snails and slugs) which lives deep – some found at 2,000 feet – in the Pacific waters of the Philippines, Palau and Fiji. As many as 35,000 species of this deep dwelling critter have been found in the fossil record from as far back as 180 million years. One of those fossil shells, found in Arkansas, was 9 feet!
Only six species still exist, and though appear to have changed very little, the largest of these is only about 8 inches.

The character in this piece is a little larger than modern species and no doubt out of the primordial seas. The meal being munched may be a sweetlips or damselfish, probably not caught in the prime of its life, but snapped up as it was on its way out or scavenged soon after death.

The finish is a multi-layered stain with colored wax. The backing is a weathered cedar board with heavy wire hanger. Other color variations are possible – perhaps a more “fossilized” look or metal coating with various patinas.



19w × 9h × 3d
20 lbs

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