Concrete & Bronze Reliefs

The characters in this story are iconic here in the NW, but they serve as a reminder that ALL species are at risk where humans fail to understand and respect the complex connections within our vital environment.

This design can be available adapted to a variety of display options; this one is a concrete casting w/metal coating and patina, and protective wax coating.

The backing is a beautifully resonant steel disk that is attached so it can be struck (…carefully) like a gong. Cable hanger on back.

I recommend this finish for indoor installation, but is OK outdoors if protected from extreme weather and freezing.

$275.00 – $1200.00 (wide variety of stains/coatings, and mountings)

In our Hands on metal disk

In our Hands on metal disk

24w × 24h × 4d
55 lbs

Special Order Only

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