Concrete & Bronze Reliefs

Several existing designs are available for casting in concrete or bronze and may be displayed as individual pieces or installed as architectural elements of a structure.

I’ve been working with a variety of finishes for the concrete castings that can transform them well beyond what is generally expected from the material. I’ve also been using metal (bronze/brass) coatings with some really nice results.

Parr World bronzed In our Hands on metal disk Harbingers Harbingers Bronze Life cycle Nautilus Trilobite Frog Salamander With Mayflies In Our Hands detail Bronze Parr World Parr World with layered stain Frog and Dragonfly collection Bronzed Dragonflies Harbingers Bronze veiw II

Most of my cast pieces can be used or displayed in a wide range of ways. If a unique, custom design is what you are after, we just need to discuss your ideas and work out the details. For more information, please contact me by e-mail at